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Help me with my monster truck

20 August 2014
Clearwater Beach, FL
Whats up guys.....rather then join another forum, i'm sure some people here have some input on what i need as it's preference, but i'm stumped....

Building a pickup truck out of an international crew cab, goal is to look like International CXT but on the RXT 4200 frame. Truck is for promo for my pool contracting company and will run it around to sales calls and check on jobs.

Pic with crane and stake body is what i have now.
Pics of fords are for differences between the beds, i like the newer bed with more defined wheel well, but am wavering and have nothing to compare it to, and the bed will cost $2500-3k and can't be returned.
Black and white trucks are CXT pictures for reference of how it looks with the older dually bed on it (white f350 facing the right) and i think i like the newer bed (white f350 facing left)

Now my truck is a 4200 series so the nose is a little softer then the 7400 series used for the actual CXT trucks, but i think with the front wheel wells looking as they do, the newer bed would look pretty slick ??
Thinking of running 5" dual stacks up either side, between the cab and the new bed so i get a flush line down the sides of the truck ?



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May have been able to provide help if it was a Freightliner, but being an International, I have no access to it . Good luck.

I guess i may have over explained my question. Basically looking for purely aesthetic input on whether people think the newer ford bed would look good instead of the older ford bed thats on the truck in the pictures ?