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Help New NSX with problems !!!

30 March 2005
Hi guys I just bought an 91 acura nsx yesterday. Its completely stock except hid and exhaust. I drove it for 100 miles and everything was fine (drove it home). Okay I have taken the car to day upto 140 mph on the freeway, it was fine then. but when I was driving around town my check engine light came on now I've check the fluids, there fine. Started it up no engine light ?!? rev it alittle my car idles at 1grand, rev it again it went down to 500rpm then came up the down again to 600rpm, so I'm thinking it might be a 02 sensor or intake sensor. so I thought it was fine until I drove it to my office the light came back on but the car drives normal what can it be???? :confused:
92NSX said:
:eek: :eek:
Maybe the light was the cars way of telling you to slow down

Last time I checked the Ferrari's were the only car with a slow down light. lol
Maybe the light was the cars way of telling you to slow down

maybe the light was to remind you that you wasted that last 25 mph!!!!!
Too many haters... Slow down if you want, but that's not the reason why the light came on. To answer your question instead of criticize, I believe it is the O2 sensor. I had a similar problem with my 91, got it fixed and haven't had problem since.
The easiest thing to look at with a check engine light (CEL) is making sure the gas cap is on all the way and that you didn't overfill the tank. Whenever you get a CEL, the computer stores a code and that can be retrieved, the procedure is in the FAQ.

The irregular idle is usually caused by a dirty throttle body or a vacuum leak. If no luck the idle reset procedure is in the online service manual.

good luck
it may have been over filled :redface: and If it just the 02 I'll get it change. thanks guys. :biggrin: