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help plz... best intack

2 June 2005
i got nsx 2002...

i wanna know which one is best intake....

plz... help me .... ~~~~ :biggrin:
nsx v said:
i wanna know which one is best intake....

Only intake with actual proven results so far is the Cantrell AIS with Uni foam filter:

IMHO the best combination would be using the Apexi power intake fiter (one of the best cone filter you can buy) with oem airbox + cantrell AIS:

Re: which one is best intake????

Are you asking which intake is the best to use on the NSX?

I'd suggest doing a search as this topic has been discussed in depth many times.

You can also look in the "Vendors" section as there is a recent writeup with the Cantrell AIS and a Unifilter.