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High Plains Raceway HPDE 8/27

27 July 2007
Denver, CO
Just wanted to report I had a fantastic 4 hour session with NSXCA Chief Instructor Bruce McPherson of High performance Driving Techniques and man, was it a blast. Some takeaways:

- If at all possible, sign up for the NSXPO HPDE. You will not be dissapointed.

- The elevation change in the youtube videos does not do it justice- it is STEEP

- Project Mu Type NS pads WILL work at the track. They were ok for me. Bruce cooked them in 4 laps. I will invest in track pads.

- My stock 91 with a 21 year old dented radiator overheated after about 2 sessions. It was sunny and about 90 today. The thin air makes a difference up here.

- My caliper paint melted into a black goo. :D

- Yokohama s.drive tires are fantastic. I set 37 all around and we recorded hot pressures of 41-42. Even with Bruce driving it hard, the tires never got greasy and stayed stable and predictable over the whole day.

- The JDM gear stack is perfect for HPR.

- BC Racing suspension is FOR REAL.

- I am hooked on track driving, but I have a lot to learn. :D

Great day. Great instructor. My NSX is wounded, though. She is leaking coolant. I am hoping it is just a burp out of the overflow tube. :frown: