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High-Resolution NSX-R Press Pics?

28 January 2004
I'm beginning to get my garage in shape for the new car's arrival (paint, flooring, workbenches) and wanted to put some of the Honda NSX-R images on the walls. I've seen low-resolution versions on the web (wallpapers, etc), but I wondered if anyone knew where I can download high-res originals.

I'm planning on printing my own posters (4'x6') on one of my wife's wide-format printers to decorate the area. While I could just enlarge the 1024x768 versions I've found online, the result will be a pretty pixellated image when it's printed.

Any ideas or suggestions? Tried a search here with no luck.

Thanks in advance,

I've got a NSX-R brochure from Japan.

You may even find one in the auctions..
I've got one as well - the center image is one of the ones I'm after, but the crease in the page kills it for scanning/enlarging.

Found them here:

Honda EU News

Registration required for high-resolution versions (awaiting my username and password), but it's the exact images I was after. Posting the URL as I saw when I searched here that others were looking for the same thing.

Hott pics! Post them when you get the account, or please send them
over via email. These would look stellar on my wall, in my garage, and bathroom! :biggrin: