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Holy, Raced a "mean" MR2 turbo!!

15 October 2000
Irvine, CA, USA
Hi ppl,
I have to admit this was a pretty good race. I was cruising at around 45 mph on Culver (Irivine, CA) last night and this black mr2 zoomed passed me (should be going at around 60 mph). I heard his mean blow-off and saw a little bit of his nice setup (gauges and shift light). I don't really like to race but it was too good of an opportunity. My car by the way has a single turbo setup built and tuned by Larry at NSX modified. We slowed down to about 30mph and hit it. I had just a little lead but it was overall a very even race. The race was however short, less than a quarter of a mile. We stopped at the red light and gave each other thumbs up and I asked him how much he was boosting. He told me 18 lbs ( I was boosting at 6 lbs). Just want to share this story with you guys...

Nice to see you back on the forums from time to time...When are we going to get together againa nd doa proper video for the cvar?

Anyway...GOOD LORD!!! that's nuts for an MR2! Norwood is one sick man when it comes to turbo tuning cars...I mean that in a good way of course! ^_^

It's crazy what kind of power turbos can make in any car...and I'm sure that the MR2 was hoping to wipe up the floor with you but littl edid he know you weren't running stock either. Did he seem surprised?