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Honda HHO Car (runs on water)

28 April 2003
Did anybody else hear about Honda coming out wih a car that runs on water?
( Or am I going loony toons) Did they give any indication when it will come out? or be in the US?
Google, or better yet youtube "HHO" it is fairly amazing what Stan Meyers did.
It will never happen in our lifetime. The petroleum companies will shut it down. It's all about $$.
yeah the honda fcx, runs on hydrogen, i remember they were going to release like 200 in south cali for special qualified people to lease them, (because thats like the only place with refueling stations for the fcx, i cant remember when they were suppose to release them, i believe it should have happend by now

later today ill take the 45 seconds it takes to google it and see what the new details are