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host for pictures?

30 April 2003
Indianapolis, IN
I need a good host for photos. I usually shoot 100+ photos at each show I go to, and would like to be able to host them somewhere, but I've never really looked into it. Less $ is better, but I don't know what it might cost. Any suggestions?
flickr and smugmug

Have you tried flickr? It seems to be very popular. Yahoo! recently purchased it. Basic accounts are still free and there seems to be a lot of slick features.

I’ve been using smugmug for a while (thanks RSO 34 for the tip). It’s not free, but it is very inexpensive. The packages start at $30 per year and include unlimited storage space (there is a bandwidth limit, but it’s very generous). The interface is very easy to use for the average user but also has a lot of powerful features. Their support is excellent.

My smugmug account also serves as a secondary backup for all my pictures. Should my hard drive ever crash, I can order a set of DVDs with all the pictures I’ve uploaded.