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Removing the Side Marker

You don't press in, you pry out. I'd spray it all down with silicone spray to ease the stress and wet the gasket.

Take extreme care as I believe they are NLA.
Don't look in the service manual, look behind your fender liner! 🤭

There's an unpainted metal tab on one side. Squeeze it towards the sidemarker and push the sidemarker in gently and it will be obvious how its retention works. Minimal force or prying after that.
Got it out. Thanks to you both. The picture in the service manual is a little confusing. By lifting up the rubber seal with a good light I was able to see the metal tab. I put painters tape over the paint to protect it then used a flat head precision screw driver to push in the tab. Its tight against the fender so I felt I needed something strong and thin to pry it out. Manage to replace the bulbs on all four without breaking them or doing damage. The picture in the service manual for the rear seem to indicate the wrong side for the tab. The backs on my car had the tabs at the rear end (rear of the car) same as the fronts.
Yup, these things are very difficult to remove if it's been a significant time, and the SM diagram isn't great. The big thing is to protect the paint!

I believe these are still available from Tim at OEMacura.com. I got a set last September.
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