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Houston GTG in April

5 March 2003
N. Tx
Hey Guys,

I am in town for a Medical conf. from Apr. 18th - 25th. Any plans for a GTG. I am open to Happy hour or whatever.

Hey Ritesh,

We will definitely have to get together when you come down. I'm assuming you won't be too bored because you have family here, correct?

BTW, what car are you bringing? Is it blue or red?? :biggrin:

See you then!
- Zishan
Just for you Ritesh....I'll meet you at Treasures whenever you want that week


I'm sure we can do happy hours. Just post which days you'll be free as the time approaches.
Z- I was planning on bringing the NSX but hey I don't really mind driving the GT3 either.:wink:

Treasures, Colorado, TMC - brings back good mammeries.:wink:
I met up with Nick and a former NSX owner at a place called Brick House or something like that. It's located off 290 near Pinemont (near Hooters).
This place is a great place for a happy hour. I didn't see 1 ugly waitress in this whole establishment.
Just mentioning a location.

Also, my buddy opened up a Cajun restaurant and it will be crawfish season when you get here Ritesh.