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How about this one?

I don't know anything about the car but I see a couple things within the ad not agreeing with each other, which is the kind of thing that always raises a red flag in my book.

Stating "There are no service records, because it has never needed anything" seems a bit odd. The car obviously had to be serviced many times in 42k miles even if only for scheduled maintenance, for which there were certainly records of some sort at the time the work was done. So if there are no records, it's because the owner just doesn't have them for one reason or another. Why not just come out and say it honestly?

The statement "The interior is P E R F E C T !!!!!!!!!!!! There are no stains of any kind, and the factory floor mats are like new" must be for a different car, because this picture from the bottom of the ad clearly shows a fairly dirty drivers side floor mat:

IMO the pictures are too small, dark and low res to try and tell much else.

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I was kinda wondering about that no service records thing myself. I emailed the guy through ebay to see if I could get a pre purchase inspection, and asked him about the timing belt before I bid on it. Well he never even bothered to reply. You guys shoot me down everytime I get my hopes up, but thanks for not letting me drive junk.
I am not shooting this car down. It may be a great car! You really can't tell much about it one way or the other from the little pictures on eBay.

Nsxotic is right - it is worth looking into, though if the seller won't e-mail you back on the inspection maybe you have your answer.

I just have a problem with ads that have obvious inconsitances or statements that don't add up.