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How do you attach terminals to anti-gravity batteries?

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
I'd like to get an Anti-gravity ATX-30RS. The battery is available in Canada, but not the antigravity car terminal adapters. I'm trying to figure out how the adapters attach to the battery to see if I can just purchase any car terminals with a M6 thread from amazon.

The video on the antigravity site just shows them dropping an M6 bolt down the middle, but not what it threads into, and the spinning Allen key in the video is clearly not attaching anything to anything - might as well not have a video if you're going to show it incorrectly. Are the holes in the top of the rectangular connectors tapped for M6? Does the battery include nuts that fit in the rectangular connectors for the screws to screw into like my old motorcycle batteries? How long would the threaded portion of the terminal need to be to attach to the antigravity batteries?

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