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Solved: How to disconnect the fuel injector electrical connectors?

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
Can't believe I couldn't find a thread on this or a useful video on U-tube. Perhaps not too many other folks are having their fuel injectors replaced or cleaned by RC?

Anyway, following the service manual, but can't get the electrical connectors off the fuel injectors. There doesn't seem to be a release-button to press like most of the videos on-line for other cars. There is a metal clip as shown in the pics but I can't see how to release it with the injector in place and the fuel rail on top... The service manual just says step 3: "disconnect the electrical connectors". It's almost impossible to get anywhere near the electrical connector/clip while the fuel rail is still in place on top of the injectors. However, if you pull of the fuel rail first, you can remove the injectors with the electrical connector still connected and attack it then.
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You have to pull the metal clip to the side. I use small flat screwdiver to pul the end of the clip to release it. There is nothing to press.
Thanks! Yes, a small Jeweler's flathead screwdriver did the trick. The metal clip had to be opened outwards and pulled back outside the groove on both sides, as shown in this picture. (There's a raised section to lift it over so the clip is held in an inactive state.) After the first 3, I noticed that you can position one side of the clip out of the groove, then just wedge the other side out momentarily while you unplug the connector. That said, I cannot figure out how the connectors could be removed before the fuel rail is removed, as described in the SM. Added this pic and a note to my SM, p 11-134.
PXL_20230130_020710528 (1).jpg
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To answer your question about removing the connectors before removing the fuel rail, I used a small pick. Working on one side, push out the end of the clip so it rests on the side of the plug. You can then use the pick to loop under the clip, and bring it to rest above the groove (the “inactive state”). Repeat on the other side. Hope this makes sense!