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How long will you keep your NSX

They can take my NSX when they pry my dead, stiff hands off the steering wheel.....besides, I'll never spend $200,000+ on a car, my heart wont take the strain of Lambo ownership...lol
I spent the last 20 years waiting for a car worthy of keeping for an extended period. My longest so far is 8 years for my 72 Datsun 240Z. It was race repared and SCCA legal and rocked my world. I would still have it today if my ex-wife hadn't wrecked it... How do you think my ex-wife became my ex-wife.
She survived the crash but not the aftermath. I got $4,000 for the car in 1991, about 8 months before it would have been 20 years old and worth $20,000. I was pissed off for sure.

The NSX is clearly superior to everything I can find out there. Since I had not anticipated the EXTREME cost of consumables, the unavailability of qualified and certified service and a payoff value near that of what is remaining on my house, I figured I would track another car and enjoy the NSX the best I can with limited track time. It should last a long time that way.

But, with 15 cars in the last 20 years and 8 cars in the last 5, if my past performance is any indication of what will remain parked in the driveway 5 years from now, I will have to admit that I might not even see the end of the lease term... but something else pretty amazing would have to come along for that to happen. Maybe a 400hp, V-8 all steel car from Honda that costs only $55,000.

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I've had mine for 9 years in August, and have no plans to sell it, so I'll keep mine. Maybe I'll retire it when the new 2004 NSX comes out.
I kept my '90s 300ZX turbo for 10 years. I believe I'll keep my '99 NSX until I die. I might buy something else exciting in the next few years, but I'll certainly keep my NSX.
Okay, so now I've spent 35K for a low milage 91 NSX, and plan on keeping it for 10 years. My question is, in the end, I'll have a 20 year old car with 70-80k miles. Any guesses as to the demand/resale value at that point? Is it reasonable to compare (for resale purposes, lets not get started on the merits of each marque), the NSX to a porsche. i.e. looking back at a 1980 911 right now. I would say ferrari too, but their maintainance costs are in a different league and it seems like very few actualy make it to that kind of milage. Anyway, any thoughts anybody ?
I plan to keep mine as long as possible, perhaps even forever.

Best case scenario...Honda flubs the new NSX making my 2000 first-gen model a priceless collector's item. My stock NSX will forever be the pride and joy of my car collection. I'll baby it, and, if it starts to fall apart, I'll save it from extinction.

Worst case scenario...Honda makes the new NSX a beauty, a 400+hp powerhouse, and a steal at $55,000 (as rumored). The value of my NSX will drop to the point that I won't be able to justify selling it. Perhaps then (and only then) I'll start modifying mine, take it on the track, and eventually drive it into the ground.

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I bought my NSX nine and a half years ago. It was a great car then and it's a great car now. I've driven it 43K miles, mostly at 50 or so track events and getting there and back. I don't care what its market value is or whether a new NSX or some other car out there is going to come along three years from now. I'm having a terrific time with it and there's nothing out there that is THAT much better overall, at a reasonable price. So there's no reason for me to think about getting rid of it. I hope the next ten years are as much fun as the last ten have been.

One of the most fun experiences I've had is driving to and from each NSXPO with a dozen or more other NSX's, talking the whole way on the two-way radios under the NSX Club's license. I'm looking forward to doing it again on the way to NSXPO 2000 in Atlanta this October.
Originally posted by PaulC:
Is it reasonable to compare the NSX to a porsche. i.e. looking back at a 1980 911 right now. I would say ferrari too, but their maintainance costs are in a different league and it seems like very few actualy make it to that kind of milage.

At the risk of getting booted to the off-topics forum, I would have to say that having looked at an 87 Ferrari Testarossa and the 81 Porsche 911SC that I almost bought this week, that there are some significant issues with the NSX that very in this argument.

The Porsche has evolved over 35 years of continuous improvement, each usually better than the last. There are certain thresholds as which values tend to rest with that marque. The early 70s 2.7 liter engines are a nightmare and should be avoided at all costs. I found out today that the 78-83 911SCs are prone to transmission problems that eat teeth and strip synchros. The best of breed stars around 1984 with the Carrera labled cars. They start at a now modest $22K but sold originally 16 years ago for almost 2x that.

The Ferrari is a different animal altogether. I have seen V-12 Ferraris hold value almost as well as my Coke stock. The Testorossa from the mid to late 80s still goes for over $70K. That is about 60%-70%+ of the original cost. That is good for 13-15 years old.

The NSX is quite different. It didn't undergo major changes and it has not been made long enought for subtle evolutions to mean much. In the grand scheme, I think that there will be 3 categories: 91-95, 95-97, and 97-2001. These more recent cars may be worth more due to the high horsepower and 6 speeds. But if you look at the cost vs. value of these cars, 9 year old cars have gone for as little as $22,000 with high miles. That is only 1/3 of the original sale price. and 1/4 of the current asking price. I don't see the same residual value proposition for we NSX owners.

In fact, I have to admit that as much as I love my NSX, when My lease is up in 2003, I will have to look at the fact that my residual is something like $48,000. If Acura is making a $55,000 replacement for the NSX, and it is any good, I would be a fool not to buy a new one and just turn in my 2000 NSX. Unless of course I have developed a serious emotional attachment to the car and have found it to be the best I could possibly hope to get out of a car at any price... which is entirly possible.
G-man, having been extensively involved with Porsches for 30 years, it is the mid-70's 911's that 2.7 engines, not early 70's. And, generally '76 and '77 are to be avoided. Also, I've never heard of any 911SC transmission problems. The SC is one of the most "bullet proof" 911s built. I would be curious to find out who told you about 911SC tranny problems. This is certainly news to Porsche people.
Originally posted by G-man:
9 year old cars have gone for as little as $22,000 with high miles. That is only 1/3 of the original sale price

Not in good condition, they don't. Well-maintained '91's in very good to excellent condition with moderate miles (say 5K miles per year) typically sell for $30-34,000 which is half the original selling price. That's damn good resale value for a nine-year-old car IMO.
I would agree. 22K sounds REALLY low. you're likely to get a beater. At the expensive of sounding like someone who TOTALLY overpaid, I bought a '91 5 spd with 50K miles for 37,200. This may seem a bit expensive. But the owner was VERY VERY detail oriented, and the car was kept EMMACULATE. (Then again, maybe all NSx owners are careful with their cars) I considered some other ones that were less expensive, but the one I bought had the Original brake pads with 50% pad's left..(no hard braking) and the Original Clutch was still fairly strong. (No drag launches). The Acura mechanic who inspected it was very impressed with how well it was kept.
So Maybe 37K wasnt all that bad. Then again, maybe I got ripped off

but hey..if there are decent ones at 22k out there, I could use another NSX....