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How much better is the type S over the NC1?

Got a 22 Type S #168... 150 miles on it...

Looks wicked in Gotham with red calipers-n-all.

I had # 168 for sale Dickinson, Texas, with 6 miles on 8-11-2022 for a tawdry asking price of ( ! ) $395K.
Then F S 7-2023 at Ferrari Ft. Lauderdale with 125 miles.
For $289K.

GOOD on YOU! Drive the snot outta it!

I love the "any-gear" drop to "lowest-gear" with the two second tug on the left in the S.

I -SO- want to see a few photos of your 430 Scuderia AND your 2006 SLR.

430 Scud has always captured my fancy. I'd have to vaporize a couple of NSXs, but . . . . .
duty calls.
there are 350 type S made for the world , 299or 300 in the US . The first 2 years of the NC1 were slow sales. Then the market dried up and cars sat, and dealers got a cash back incentive to lower price to move floor stock. The car had too many negative talking points mostly about total output and average track performance compared to rivals vs price....The technology and ease of use as well as amazing build quality got drowned out...now it's done..and hybrids are now the hot ticket, and everyone else is late to the party.The one positive talking point that did resonate with the press was it was just like the Holy trinity minus 250-350 hp but also 20% of the cost.
Excellent points, but I'll submit that none of the Holy Trinity showcased the technology that the NC1 did in 2017, i.e. an independent motor on each front wheel allowing for torque vectoring across the front axle. Fast forward several years and Ferrari and Lamborghini now offer that technology in the SF90 and Revuelto respectively. Simply put, Honda was way ahead of the field in bringing this technology to market and at the price point of sports/super cars rather than hyper cars.
The point i like to focus on wrt the hybrid piece is Honda made it both seamless in operation and reliable.
I enjoy Ferrarichat, the SF90 and RWD 296 have plenty of electrical problems (plus shitty paint for good measure). The RWD Artura had huge problems from the get go (plus I loved how they had to sell $100 million is historic cars to even launch the car). I expect VW to do a better job with the Revuelto (I would totally rock that car if it wasn't part of VW).
I feel the guy is trying too hard to draw overly specific conclusions on the Type S, a car with little inventory/history to build a story on.
For the NC1 he seems to be in a better place. My 2017 looks like it would be worth about $5k less than last year.
As the sample size decreases so can the confirmation bias increase...
One of the really fun things about working in Biotech is being able to work with Statisticians, a breed apart.

Joke from one I used to work with.

How do you tell an introverted vs an extraverted Statistician?

During a conversation, the introverted one looks at their own shoes, the extraverted one looks at your shoes.
Haha that is funny...
How meaningfully Do you see AI improving Biotech ?
There has to be some benefit.
At this point the hype is like when combinatorial chemistry came to town, promising to increase the number of solid lead candidates.
Combinatorial chemistry in practice was more like it produced a lot of duds.
I'm hoping that conversational AI + a great idea will turn years of sifting through microfiche/ journals/trials and tribulations into seconds..
So far the best part of AI has been the gains in our older son's Nvidia stock
He bought it while in grad school after seeing their chips doe a better job crunching big data than other chips
The beauty of AI in medicine is that the computer can review all the published reports, and outcomes and do a much better job of predicting when a particular situation should be investigated further. When you look at a chest X-ray you are among other things looking for anomalies or things that should not be present. Each person who reviews brings their own experiences and bias to the analysis. AI can look at a later diagnostic and go backwards to see where and how it expressed itself. So I see it as a great tool to enhance what a trained doctor can do solo. A doctor will still need to review the results and make the decision as to what next. I liken it to having an electron microscope vs a basic microscope.
Further off topic
I was in Santa Barbara in December
Handlebar coffee is phenomenal, with Dune a nice second option
Great art museum for a place that size, any museum with a Martin Johnson Heade is worth visiting in my book.
I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Wish I knew you were in town. I would have bought you that coffee.
Though I have seen many, many of your posts, I never noticed/connected the SB thing.
Also really enjoyed the botanic garden and the zoo, the Condor and I had a wonderful conversation inches apart albeit with a fence between us. Great giraffes too.
Looks like you have a cool playhouse, dinner at Jane was also lovely.
The only disappointment was the turkish coffee at Lokum, very attractive venue but the coffee did not stand up.
McConnells ice cream is better from the local scoop shop than from my local Chicago grocer freezer.
Even the sea bass burrito from Rudy's near my hotel was great.
You certainly hit all the great places. Excellent planning on your part.