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How much to repair this rear shaft damage?

14 September 2007
Judging just from the photo, anyone can help to estimate how much it cost to repair this damage?


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A cheap repair might just be a toe adjustment.

A complete repair would involve upper and lower control arms, and the toe link. Depending on what is bent, it might be more cost effective to buy a used "whole" passenger rear suspension.
I had a light hit to the rear wheel of my DD Benz which didn't look half as bad as your rear wheel. I had to replace the entire rear suspension which cost $6,500.

It looks more than just an alignment.
entire used corner suspension setups pop up every now and then on the prime marketplace.

You should try to find one of those to save you some $$$$.

You may also need a new driveshaft. The hit damage could have also affected the intermidiate shaft as well.:frown:
Can you share how this damage occurred so we can learn something from it and hopefully avoid experiencing it ourselves?
Thanks for all the responses. The car belongs to a local corporate which went down and started selling many of its cars. This car went for about USD$16k. No test drive allowed, mechanics mentioned it is only the drive shaft that is spoilt. The car has only 5,000 km and probably never driven for the last 10+ years. I'm giving it a miss though considering repair cost not just the shaft maybe very high and lack of expertise and parts locally. Still a huge fan of NSX, hope to own 1 one day!
its an easy repair

the price is hard to say cuz we need to see what is bent.

good price I would buy it at 16K usd LOL thats a supper price