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how NOT to park your carreraGT!

16 June 2003
Santa Monica, CA.

German-engineering at it's best... their cars even crash land symetrically. Thanx for this <B>0ctan3</B> - you rock! I've sent this to my porsche buddy... he will cry when he sees this. ;) What are friends for? :D
Damn lowered suspension :eek:

I knew I should have listened to the wife and taken the H2:D
GoFast Blitz...

The horror! I know those silly yet uber-kuhl Germans over-engineer everything, but using a Porsche Carrera GT as a rapid deployment mobile bridge-laying vehicle!?! :eek:

I bet he would have made it if he would've put it in 4-low.
How do you get that out without ripping the shit out of the front?
nsxlover said:
How do you get that out without ripping the shit out of the front?
No problem, take this one, fix the ropes at the 4 jacking points of the GT that are perfectly free and accessable and lift the car. Probably no further damage. They do similar things in F 1 races.


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You guys are hilarious. This is turning into a funny caption contest for the picture.
The driver was in an emergency if you look at the road sign "Emergency Stop Only" on post #14.
In all seriousness, why is it that the only time that info on a CGT is floating around on the net, is because it was wrecked? Is it just me or are there alot of them popping up lately?
I wonder if that's the owner standing on the side talking on his cell phone. I also wonder if he was on his phone when it happened?