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How reliable?

10 February 2002
Windermere, FL, USA
Hi Folks!

Curious, besides getting the water pump and timing belt changed out (9yr-90k miles) and tires every 10K, what other maintenance concerns?

I plan to run the NSX as a daily driver...any cautions?

Thank you for your feedback.
I have 17k on my Pirelli P-7000's and can see about another 10-12k at least thats w/out road racing the car @ the track of course but I do drive semi-aggressively street only.
There is alot more life in my tires than I had expected or was told to expect (bear in mind this depends on your alignment specs.)

I drive my 92 as a daily driver, I have 99,500 miles on right now and besides scheduled maintenance every 15,000 miles, I have had no problems. This car is so awesome, and out of all my friends and all their cars, mine is the only one without stuff breaking or wearing out. In my opinion, this is the best car for a daily driver ever made! (For me atleast, single, young, and I don't have anything that I need to tow around)

1992 NSX Red-Black 5-Speed