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I decided to upgrade my subwoofer box...

5 April 2004
Not that there was anything wrong with my previous Toolbox... :)

New and improved, this box has a larger volume and is stronger. Measuring in at nearly .8 cubic feet, the walls are around 3/8" thick all the way around. This makes for a heavier box, but it's built like a tank. The glass work is perfect and the outside is gelcoated, almost too pretty to cover up. I think I'm going to need to get a better looking subwoofer to match the box. This new box utilizes a flange to help affix the face to the box. What's this mean? More surface area to attach the face so that the face will never detach from the enclosure.

There are very few materials that do not flex. Installers used to talk about building boxes out of concrete because it doesn't flex, it breaks. My previous box was no exception, given enough pressure at the weakest parts of the box, you could make it flex a little. Subwoofer manufacturers always recommend heavy bracing even when building boxes out of 3/4 MDF. You can never have too much bracing when you build an MDF enclosure. It's difficult to brace a fiberglass enclosure so what you have to do is build the walls thicker to make it stronger. My old buzz box you could make it bend with your pinky. JL stealthboxes you can make flex. This box, for the life of me, I cannot make it flex. I think that if I put the box on the tip of a single nail and jumped on it, you would have to measure the flex in nanometers. Conventional means will not destroy this box, you might need the help of an M1 tank and depleted uranium artillery. I'd put my money on this box surviving a runover by an H2 or any lifted truck. The enclosure below is one made for Scion XBs and it's stronger than this:


Enough on the construction... We put my JL10W3v2 in there and like I said, it makes the box look bad. The box is show quality, it would make IASCA competitors drool. Powered the sub up and it has never sounded better. It's hard to judge by ear because the previous box was so good before. Plus the fact that the box is about .1 cubic feet bigger than my previous box. I can tell you that the bigger box does better with the sine sweep at lower frequencies. The stiffer box means I waste less energy so the overall SPL is increased. It all could have been measured with the right equipment and the results are definitely quantifiable. I could tell you it's more perfect and you'll have to take my word for it. But this is the end all box for my car now, I cannot see how it can be further improved. I have the space now to accomodate most any high quality speaker. My footspace has been improved because I don't have to use a top mount grill. I'm set for life with the NSX subwoofer enclosure....

FYI, I did the first review on the Tool Box and I have no financial interests with the product. Hal's just the dude who built my first Tool Box. Thanks for the help in the installation today, Hal. Sorry for littering your neighborhood with all those NSXs today. Your neighbor Rock is too cool. Please post some of those pictures you took of all the cars.

Now for 2 pictures I snapped of the box installed. I need to clean things up a bit and push the box back a little further but this will give you an idea of how the box looks installed and with the floormat on. The images are clickable.

Thanks Malibu Rapper for the stellar review. I put the old enclosure up for sale this AM.
Here are some pics of the cars!


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