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I drove this today...

26 August 2008
Northern Virginia
Virtually the identical twin to this picture. Friend bought it a month or so ago.

2012 R8 GT, flat white, carbon trim, alcantara, the whole package.

Pleased to report that the ABS works, the tires stick, the exhaust sings, and I amazingly did not get a ticket. What an incredible machine. Really loved that the power steering was really subtle and then basically went away once the car was rolling.



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I rode in Wei-Shens on Daytona Motor Speedway. Unreal. Probably the best stock car I have ever been in on a track.
Very cool! I have taken a timid drive in the V8 and was a big fan of how the car handled and behaved. While it isn't entirely my cup of tea and pricey, I can't fault anyone who wants to put one of these beauties in their garage.
My friend has the 2012 R8 V10 Spyder (photo attached). I had it for a weekend and if is way to much fun as it was a gated 6 speed.

Was it gated or paddle? The GT looks like it would be really fun. Jealous as well.


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