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I love the UPS man

13 May 2008
Seattle, WA
I finally got the parts installed. Fitment of the skirts are great. I didn't even have to sand anything down.




Got some parts today from UPS. Special thanks to downforce and SOS.




All going on this..
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HAHA!! That is great!! Your car looks like my twin from when it was stock. Is that a 1994?
I also got a stacy sideskirts to be installed but i have no clues how to remove them.If you do not mind show how to do step by step or picture them,I would appreciate.Do you need to remove the wheels fenders out completely?
Nice! I see you got the Type-R mesh shift garter ;-P.

Where do you live Rusted_nailz? The background housing looks VERY familiar and it's bugging me :p. Not trying to be a stalker--the nearest largest city would suffice.
Well I had been saving up some money to buy an NSX while keeping the s2000 but since I sold the s2000, I have money from the NSX account and used it to buy parts :)
Nice car ,a word of caution,we have seen a few owners in the past who are renters have there cars vandalized because they don't have the cars garaged.If I were you I would be looking for a lockable storage facility.A 20+10ft space is perfect.
Thanks for the heads up however, I do have a garage for it. It was just in the car port for that time of the day. :)

I was going to ask that too. Man if I could go back to renting I'd be able to afford payments on 2 nsx's. Ah the good ol days :wink: It makes me wonder where all my money used to go hehe