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I need HELP!

9 August 2001
New Jersey
I got the wheel vibration at 60mph, my tire guy told me i needed centering rings. I called the manufacturer, they told me they dont have them and that i needed to go to a rim shop to get them. So i went to a rim shop - the guy there looked at my rims (didnt take them off the vehicle) looked at some manual and gave me 4 rings. My tire guy installed them and said they fitted ok. I noticed that they fit my hub but, wasnt sure if they fit the centerbore of the wheel. My question is - i have heard that these rings range in various sizes, should i be concerned with what happened? or should i rely on how the guy "estimated" the correct centering rings. I did notice that the vibration was significantly reduced - but, i still get a tiny tiny amount through the steering wheel above 65mph.
Originally posted by erobbins:
Wheel vibration could be cause by a number of things... flat spot on the tire, improper balancing or even an out-of-round wheel. Have you ruled these things out first?

I'm positive that everything you mentioned checked out fine - i popped the center cap off my wheels and took a look at the centering ring - it looks fine to me - i have a feeling my wheel locks are the culprit because they are not torqued like the other lugs, they were tightened to fit snug so they wouldn;t strip.

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