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I need to take her (NSX) out! anyone up for a drive- gotta get out of the house!

22 February 2010
Southwest Denver
Hey fellow NSX owners.. while keeping it safe (Corona Virus - protocol - no hand shaking.. social distancing) I'd love to go for a nice drive / run with coffee-- this Saturday.. April 4th..
Let me know if anyone is up for it..

I"m terrible about organizing.. but let me know! -Sebastian..
Be safe.. God Bless. :smile:

Hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing well..
Hey.. I feel terrible for posting earlier.
I'm trying not to watch the news.. since its driving me nuts..

I saw the guidelines today... Looks like we all need to stay home .. and only go out for necessities etc..

Maybe when things back to normal... Be safe.. :smile:
I know how you feel... now that the weather is nicer it's time to drive! I've seen a lot of supercars in my area cruising around during the daytime. I think all enthusiasts are feeling the urge.
we've been in "stand-down" mode (Ordered by Gov.) for a week now.
Has NOT stopped the bikers at all.

I live on a usually-busy road. Lots of cycles (loud, too) out daily.