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I'm converting from auto to 6 speed manual transmission, and need to buy this shift stalk assembly. I also need both of the cables associated with th

HI. I have a like new SOS short shifter and a round knob with 6 peed pattern on it.Both are like new. $175. Bob

and I believe this is the part number to the "shift cage" 54151-SL0-980

and shift cable 54315-SL0-981
When I did my conversion, I got a complete shift assembly and cables from AH Parts Dismantlers in Sacramento, CA. Mine came off of this wrecked 1999:


It was FAR less expensive than ordering new from Japan. Id' have to go back to my spreadsheet, but I think it was $50 for the whole assembly. I just ordered all of the rebuild pieces from Honda and refurbished it.

54151-SL0-A01 is the difference for LHD and RHD.

That base can be converted from AT to MT at significant cost savings as it is the same basic part.

I am presuming OP is LHD.

I recommend OP DM me for my DIY

(I'm on a plane back to NZ, so short responses. )
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