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ImagineAuto Open House (Kansas City)

4 October 2004
September 8th, 4:00 - 8:00.

This is a very nice shop that specializes in Porsches but appreciates all unique cars. They are having an open house that will include, brats and beverages, some nice cars, a Porsche race team (Don't remember who) and a look at their facility. Really nice people that buid some incredible cars. The owner drives the "nuclear banana" which is a 700+hp Carerra 4 that has been featured in some magazines. Today, I took my son's 944 in for some work and they were finishing up an 800+ HP GT 2 for a customer out of Atlanta. The majority of their business comes from all over the country.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind a few enthusiasts dropping by to drool.
I have been to this shop and what an amazing shop it is. Is that GT2 for that customer from Atlanta black and a "German Spec?" If so, it was there when I visited them months ago around April.

Found there web site: http://www.imagineauto.com/
Steve Kasper would certainly welcome those that would like to attend. He is prob. in the top 5 in the country as far a Porsche tuners and its a good chance to see the facility. I have used about as much retraint as possible in not letting him get to my twin, I can tell you it is indeed tough.