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Import NSX to Canada looking for help

12 December 2018
Oxford, UK
Hi Guys,
Looking for advice.

Im moving to Toronto in a couple of months and would like to bring my 1994 Type R with me from the UK.

As far as i have been able to read online I should be able to import it quite easily due to the age.

the car has no modifications but also has no air bags, TCS and original JDM lights.

Anyone on here now about any issues I might face ? also interested in Insurance in Canada and how the system works to give a guaranteed value (as I have in UK), with the car being so rare will be critical to my decision to have it correctly valued.

Any help appreciated.
Cheers, Kye
wow are there any other oem Type R in your region?
Finally got the car here through customs and registered on Friday! Huge thanks for all the advice and special thanks to Bram and Bruno. Looking forward to any get togethers.