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In the market for a 2 car lift. BendPak?

22 April 2014
Greenville, SC
I am moving from a house with a 5 car garage to a house where I will be building a 2 car garage. Therefore, I will likely spec a 12 foot ceiling and install a 2 car lift.

ANYTIME, I believe you are a BendPak dealer. I tried to PM you, but your box is full.

For anyone who has one or has looked at one, I'd love some advice.

I have seen a platform-style lift that has the ability to raise each side individually. But you cannot work on a car on one of those lifts. BendPak used to have one that you could use to service a car and that also allowed you to raise each side individually, but it is no longer available.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice? Here are pics of the ones I have seen on the market:

Hi Bama,
I'm perfectly happy with my Bendipak lift, although you definitely want the highest ceiling you can get-- the lift motor won't charge the air compressor if you aren't lifting high enough (mine isn't--hack solved with an air compressor).
I would strongly consider 2 separate lifts-- it adds a second set of pillars, but would cut down on your swapping time, and I find that excepting weekends, It becomes tempting to drive what ever is on the bottom. Hence the NSX...iphone 8-13 057.jpg
I have the Bendpak, double wide 2 car lift. The reason I didn't go with 2 individual lifts was I have a 20x20 garage, and didn't want to have to negotiate 8 posts in such a small space. The system works great, but yes, it's a pain in the ass to have to move a minimum of 3 cars to get to one. Also, the car on the right side (in my case the GT), I have to get in the passenger side, move over the transmission tunnel/console to the drivers seat, to drive it off, as there is no way I can open the driver's side door, with the NSX on the lift next to it. There's about 8" between the two cars. Also, depending on how "strong", you are, consider getting the optional aluminum ramps, as the steel ones, are quite heavy. Both my GT and NSX are lowered, and in order to properly get them onto the lift, I put Race Ramps" under the leading lip of the steel ramps, that lead to the lift. Without them, there's no way I could get them on. I haven't seen any system that allows only four posts, and each side to go up and down independently. It doesn't seem to me, that it could be done with enough support/rigidity with only 4 posts.
@RPM217 - I have been looking at a "wide" version of your lift to avoid the tightness issue. I am trying to find an install near me in SC. But I'm in the same boat as you: I will have a 2-car garage, so I am looking to minimize visual interference.

There have been two double-wide BendPak systems on the market with independent lifts.

The first is still available. However, each of the lifts is a platform, so you can't work under the cars. Here is a link to a promotional video: http://www.bendpak.com/car-lifts/parking-lifts/pl-6kdt-pl-6kdtx

The second looked like two "normal" lifts, but with four posts. Here is a link to a promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vHdGshWSE0

Unfortunately, BendPak told me they no longer make that lift.

Does anyone here have experience with one of these lifts?
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I also believe 2 individual would be better. As stated easier to get access to which ever one you want. Also they are moveable so easier to move them if need be. I would recommend you get a center jack makes it easier to do brake and suspension work. Also get the aluminum ramps, well worth the cost. I built my garage just deep enough that I did not have to remove the ramps but wish I didn't so I could have moved it further back and had more room up front.

I have a Dannmar and have been happy with it.