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Info Needed...

9 June 2005
San Diego, CA
Ok, I recently bought a 97 NSX-T Black Manual Trans.

Im trying to formulate a plan and Im in the process of getting some info. This forum's my first stop so far so I want to hear your advice and info on what I'm about to ask.

Im looking into changing my suspension, headers and exhaust.

Suspension, reason being the car doesnt look good with the 18/19 inch Silver RO_JAs on it right now (looks a little bit high). Im looking for a good coilover setup and maybe other suspension goodies, depending on the setup and feel.

headers and exhaust, well, I like having a little bit more power, it doesnt hurt does it? but seriously, Id like to know what your suggestions are, whats your information/opinion of the DC headers (reason why is I could get a fair deal on these) or Comptech headers? any other brands are welcome.

Exhaust, well this is something else, Im not too crazy about how the stock 97s look, so Im looking for something nice that complements the black and the wheels. At the same time Im looking for some performance and a good exhaust note (I know exhaust sound is a relative subject, everyone likes a different sound).

I guess you could say Im asking for a overall impression from you guys. Any help is appreciated.

Hi there,

congratulations on your purchase.

There are sooo many options for suspensions and headers and exhausts out there it's dizzying.

That said, the "search" function on this forum is your key to knowledge. Do a search for a brand of coilover, exhaust, header or whatever you're interested in. Read about what others have to say about those products, and see if they fit your needs.

You can even find sound clips of various exhausts on the forum. Just search for them.

The two NSX sites you may want to familiarize yourself with are Dali Racing (www.daliracing.com) and Science of Speed (www.scienceofspeed.com). Many NSX owners find their selection of parts and services to be the best.

As a caveat, living in San Diego, Dali Racing is local. Mark Johnson tends to be very helpful, and if you order parts from him, will often take the time to help you decide what's best for you.

Also, in Oceanside, Applied Motorsports is the country's only NSX-only service facility. That's all they do. (www.appliedmotorsports.com). Nick is one of the best NSX mechanics in the country.

One last point: I'm not sure how long you've driven your NSX, but it's always advisable to drive it as-is for 6 months before making any performance-related decisions.

Welcome to Prime! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
In regards to the OBD2 cars, the exhaust manifolds are essentially headers and there is little gain with a change to aftermarket headers. As previously stated, exhaust tone is pretty individual and I would recommend that you try and hear some aftermarket exhausts before making the decision. Finally, I agree that the car can look like it sits a little high and lowering the car makes it look better. If you want better handling as well, would consider the Bilstein shocks with the lower perches, TEIN coil-overs, or some of the other coilover combinations that both Dali and Science of Speed sells. With my 98, changing the struts was such a bear that I would recommend that you decide and change everything all at once. Best would be to come to NSXPO this year and see what everyone else has and try to either get a ride or drive someones car. Tim
Thanks for the quick response and the info (the websites).

I have heard of Dali, friend had a 92 NSX and got some stuff from him a long time ago.

As for Applied Motorsports, thats a good thing to know. However, I work at Group 5 Motorsport (www.group5motorsport.com) in San Diego (in Miramar area). I can get the parts shipped and installed in the back if need be.

As for the 6 month test and see period, thats a good suggestion. I might do that. Well see, lol. Ive driven a 91 before and got a ride in this 97, and I do realize theyre completely different cars. Ill have to see though, a car sitting high on 18s front and 19s rear kind of bugs me. Im definitely interested in the TEIN setup, I have that on my 99 Integra LS sitting on 18 inch RO_JAs. Needless to say, I like how the ride is, but again I realize an DC2 is no NSX.

Last but not least, would anyone either tell me or point me in the direction as to find out the info for the next NSXPO?

Again, thanks for the quick informative replies.