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Initial D the movie

12 June 2002
Brunei/ UK
I find it as an okay movie. No NSX though. And a stupid Toyota Vios was tailing me home expecting to race. Kids nowadays are too influence after watching the movie.
Youre talking about the live action one right? Somebody needs to sub it in english.
Ours are played with Engilish subs. From the lips movement, the movie is half Japanese and half Chinese. What we could learn from the movie is that power of the cars are not really that important. What important are the car handling and the driver's ability to control the car.
and super tofu dorifuto gutter techniques as well =)
ajnsx said:
Always been like that, not just 'nowadays'. :smile:
I'm sure everyone has experienced ricers trying to re-enact scenes from movies like "The Fat and the Curious" while coming out of the theater parking lots. :rolleyes:

I still can't wait to see the Initial D movie over here in the states. Jay Chou is the man over in Taiwan!
"The Fat and the Curious" while coming out of the theater parking lots.

Kids have always been influenced after watching movies, is my point. Tv programs too. Night rider, dukes of hazzard, even happy days! et al. Who didn't re-enact scenes from star wars, buck rogers, battlestar galactica etc, in the playground. American graffiti? Grease? Mad Max? Gone in sixty seconds (original and remake) Nothing new, each generation seems to think it is though. :) How about playing cowboys and indians after watching a western?

It's not a 'ricer' thing, been happening forever. :)
and God willing it will forever. I use to watch my older brother and my dad work on his MG. how do you think I got into cars.

watched steve mcqueen run from nazis... how do you think I broke my ankle on my bike...know what I mean :rolleyes: