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Injectors for the CTSC High Boost Kit

15 August 2001
Sterling, VA
Does anyone know the Acura/Honda part # of the injectors that come with the CTSC High Boost Kit? I'm going to upgrade my kit to the High boost Kit and was going to get the injectors exchanged because I just bought new 270 injectors for the stock low boost kit. Man and I haven't even started on installing this yet. By the way this is for a 98 OBDII.
Yes I know the injectors come with the high boost kit, but I'm just going to purchase the pulley from Comptech. The injectors I will get myself if I can find the part #
The JDM Prelude injector part number I first posted here about 5 years ago (lifted from my GMSC kit) does not fit 3.2 cars. 3.2's have a diferant connector (available from RC Injectors as a splice on 6" pigtail) but it also has a differant business end with the proper config for idle air which is added right at the injector via the small rail you see at the base of the runners, l and r bottom of intake.

You'll have to get the injecdtors from CT. If your dealer was willing to exchange the new 270's you just bought, maybe you can exchange them for something else you might need.

I have a set of CTSC injectors for the 9lb kit, I removed them in favor of RC550's and an AEM, I have all the parts except the pully for a 9lb setup if you need them PM me and I will give you all the info I have on the parts.

By the way I am not sure but when I had them cleaned and flow tested I think they were 310cc maybe 330cc injectors, I will hunt for the sheets, but they are Honda injectors and they came with the 9lb kit.

Oh sorry I just read the part of your post about your car being a 98, you will need the pigtails from RC for them to work.