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***SOLD*** For Sale: RDX Injectors Conversion Kit w/ Prospeed ECU and Intake Manifold

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28 October 2009

For Sale: RDX Injector Conversion Kit

Description: This is a fully plug and play kit/package so that your NSX can use injectors from oem RDX. RDX injectors provides better spray pattern which equates to more mid range torque and hp.

The kit will includes the following:

- 6x used OEM RDX Injectors (around 10k miles)
- 6x used RDX Injectors adaptor plugs
- used RDX Injectors fitment adaptor kit
- A OEM intake manifold specifically modified to improve the fitment of the RDX injectors to the NSX. Please see this thread. (https://www.nsxprime.com/threads/rdx-injector-fitment-improvement.195579/)
- Set of improved fitment kit shown in the aforementioned thread above
- A OEM ECU from 1992 manual NSX with Prospeed version 3 tune. It will come with the original OEM chip so the ecu can be revert back to stock/oem If needed. Note, the rdx required the Prospeed chip/ecu to run. Cannot operate with OEM ecu chip

Note: will be sold as a package together and don’t plan to separate at the moment.

Note: highly recommend not resulting the injectors gasket rings. Buyer is recommend to buy new oem injector o-rings

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more pictires

Location: Pick up near 91770 CA, can be shipped at buyers expense

Payment: Accept PayPal friends and family or Zelle only.

Price: $1,350 ; $300 can be refunded if a working OEM manual ECU is provided as part of the exchange


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Dang it... I imagine that this would not work for a 95'+ NSX would it?? Also, I'm curious why you're selling it...
Dang it... I imagine that this would not work for a 95'+ NSX would it?? Also, I'm curious why you're selling it...
I am not sure, but my instinct is that it will work since you will be using this ECU. I am not sure if the 95 have more O2 sensors, etc. I am revert all back to stock incase I need to sell the car.
You cannot use this in a 1995 car. 1995 went to drive-by-wire so the previous ECUs will not work without replacing or modifying the engine harness, replacing the throttle body, adding in the idle air valves, installing a throttle cable, retrofitting the 91-94 cruise control, etc.

The bottom line is 1995 and up NSXs need a standalone ECU to properly tune them.
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