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Input requested - thinking of re-doing the Wiki sound system section

28 January 2002
Saskatchewan, Canada
One of the NSX topic areas that tend to get a lot of posts are those that deal with the sound system. The most common are those that deal with the amps going bad and in the past, but there were also a lot of posts about problems with the CD changer. Of late, there are still issues with the amps going bad but now there are many more posts about adding iPod connections, NAV systems, and changing up the console configuration and I think the current Wiki content is out of date and not reflecting current trends.

So, I'm thinking of a major restructure of the content as follows:

Understanding the OEM design/wiring - which would include the following
- pre-amp/amp design
- location of speaker/amps
- ohms
- OEM inputs

- sound issues
- inputs
- am/fm
- CD issues & diagnosis
- orange tint issues
- display brightness
- antenna issues
- tightening a loose stereo knob

Fix options for each of the above
- repair
- replace
- amps/speakers
- CD replacements
- CD alternatives
- Removing amp/speakers

Upgrade Options
- Other inputs - Ipod/Iphone, MP3 player, Aux, USB, bluetooth
- Equilizer options
- Subs and enclosures
- Double-din options
- Integrated stereo/NAV options
- console options
- wiring/electronics considerations
- sound proofing
- antenna alternatives

As with most of the Wiki content, I don't create it myself but am just trying to act as a catalyst for improving it by restructuring and linking to existing sources and making it easier to point to existing threads or to allow others to add content.

Anything you think I'm missing? Does the structure look ok? I'm currently leaning toward a single "Sound System 101" kind of Wiki page and then perhaps a Wiki page for some of the key highlighted topics. There are virtually no Wiki pages on most of the Upgrade Options topics but there are good threads. There's an excellent thread on adding iPod/MP3/iPhone connections but it's many pages long and could probably be consolidated in the future once the new structure is in place.