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Insurance carriers in WA State (only)

15 October 2003
Pacific Northwest
If your NC1 NSX is currently insured in WA State please share your info/experience/$

My insurance co wants nothing to do with the NSX (10yrs with home/3 vehicles/ umbrella etc etc) and two other
major established ones - ditto. One will do it for $4K ha ha. Never been a problem with current Porsche 911 or past.

Not too excited about the specialty collector car companies. On line quotes have been on the moon.


I can only guess the insurance gods must realize the $3K-$6K
windshield replacements are just the tip of the iceberg
for this car.

Insurance $$ seem very state dependent.
You know I am surprised you are getting that kind of response. I had AutoClub for many years and got good rates on my NSXs. I lost them not because of the 2017 NSX, rather due to our being in a extreme fire rated area. I shopped around and eventually found Travelers to be competitive with AutoClub. By the way AutoClub covered windshields but required the deductible be paid first. Travelers only charges $50 for the windshield. Another insurance company that gave me good rates is Amica. There is also a insurance company that requires prior military service that I hear is competitive. Like you we have our home plus umbrella coverage plus cars to get our best price. The other thing is we are listed as pleasure driving only, no work, and under 5000 for the NSX and around 7500 for the Volvo XC90 T8. Good luck. Consider a broker for insurance. I think there is also a web site that compares companies. Our house is relatively new with fire sprinklers and fire rated exterior. House age makes a big difference. Once a house is over 10 years old rates go up dramatically. Probably due to water leak potential.
Manny....Washington State is not California. What works for you is not the gospel.
Ok, l was just sharing thinking that AutoClub and Travelers and amica might be options. Sorry
I second the broker...I have one and they are a great first layer...and hooked us up with a very nice carrier I had never heard of..
I second the broker...I have one and they are a great first layer...and hooked us up with a very nice carrier I had never heard of..


With the exception of the Hagerty, Grundy type quotes on line, have used the same
agent for 15 years both personal and commercial - represents everybody
it seems.

He's good, but not perfect. Brokers mostly plug the numbers into their computer
for the number.

Agent claims WA State is one of the more challenging right now for competitive
rates for low volume exotic cars like the NSX....he appears to be correct.
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I've been overall happy with Hagerty but when I called for an insurance quote on an NSX a few years back, I was deemed non-insurable as I had a speeding ticket a few years back. Mind you, I've had 1 speeding ticket in 20 years. Yes, 1. They claim 'supercars' are a different story. Oh, and I've been with Hagerty already for 12 years. Maybe by the time my Type S is ready they will play nice.