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insurance value of nsx

1 February 2005
Dallas, TX
just curious....
i was reading a post on the new forum and people were saying the blue book and NADA undervalue the NSX... and I was wondering if insurance companies undervalue our car as well..... so if my car were to be stolen or totaled, would I get less than what I feel my car is worth or what it would cost to replace it???

Just want to hear about people's experience in this matter here...

AndyH said:
According to KBB Retail Value, your car still worth approx $65K so don't worry :)

Yah, but looking at an insurance quote from progressive, they valued my car at 51K :confused:
When an insurance company values a car, they look at the FAIR MARKET VALUE for your car in your area. If the average price for 10 NSX's sold in your area was 50K, you will get right around that price, unless you have stated value on your vehicle.

KBB means very little to insurance companies, they only give you what it would cost to replace your car with
a comparable car in your area.

I can tell you for sure, fair market value on your NSX here in LA will be much less than what KBB says your car is worth.
If you are ever in a situation where you have to fight the insurance company on a low ball figure for the worth of you car, just ask them to find another similar car in your area that is selling for that much. Always have them run a comparative.