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4 May 2000
Edmond, Oklahoma, US
hey guys, I'm new here. About to buy an NSX and I've already purchased the Comptech Supercharger Kit
). Anywho, I have visited a few web pages concerning supercharging/turbocharging an NSX and it seems an Intercooler would be a completely feasible idea for more HP from one of these kits. Correct me if I'm wrong but...Superchargers/Turbochargers compress air. From PV=nRT, the only other variable is temperature. When boost pressure goes up, so does temperature. Hot air is less dense. Intercoolers cool the air, making it denser, creating more burnable oxygen per unit, equalling more horsepower. Larger intercoolers work better, making more hp. So why hasn't someone put an intercooler on their Supercharged NSX yet?? After looking at this turbo NSX

and it's configuration of intercoolers...what a better way to show everyone what you've got inside?! I know most of the imports w/ turbo kits go w/ the big center mount intercooler (300zx's, Supra's, etc), but this tops them all!!! Plus, couldn't you install Blow off Valves to accomidate the Supercharger and Intercoolers?!

Thanks In Advance,
It would be theoretically possible to put an intercooler on the Comptech kit, but it would be a lot of work. You could even do a liquid to air intercooler with this set up, but the engineering and custom fabrication required would be considerable.

One of the big advantages of the Whipple unit used in the Comptech kit is its thermal efficiency versus other intercoolers like Vortech or Eaton, so Whipple-based kits often don't have intercoolers. Some of the truck kits ahve them because they have so much room under the hood that the engineering is really simple.

To truly make it work, I believe you would need to put the intercooler between the blower housing and the intake manifold. This would raise the kit up and prevent you from using the stock engine cover or storing your Targa top (if you have one). It could be done, though, if you know a good custom shop. I have seen some really nice Whipple installations on Mustangs with liquid to air intercoolers mounted that way. It would undoubtably increase both hp and torque and might let you run the boost up a few more psi safely.