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Intermittent Windshield Wiper

27 February 2000
Madison, WI
I suspect the intermittent windshield wiper of my 97 NSX-T is not working but I'm still not too sure. Before I set up an appointment to have it fixed, I need to someone who has 97 model or newer to verify if their intermittent windshield wipers are doing the same thing.

I was driving in pouring rain one night, the intermittent mode of the windshield wiper just wouldn't work - it keeps wiping continuosly instead of intermittently. I drove it again on a sunny day the next day. I tested the intermittent windshield wiper again and it works! My conclusion is either it's broken or it's smart enough to detect that there's too much rain to wipe intermittently that rainy night.

That is not normal behaviour. Sounds like an intermittent problem with the intermittent wiper <g>
I had the problem checked out by my local Acura dealership. At first they thought it was the relay. Two weeks later the new relay arrived and was put it, but the problem still exist! The nice Acura associate apologized and told me that it had got to be the complicated computer chip. A new part has been ordered and I'll be making another trip to the shop.

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