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Is 1 of 18 Midnight Pearl true?

14 January 2005
I was reading an article on one of the forums and it stated that 54 Midnight Pearls were built in 1995 and 33 built in 1996. Shown as the rarest is the blue in 1997 with just 31. Is the 18 just in the U.S.? If this is true, which is the rarest color in the U.S.?
You can look up the production numbers, broken down by model year (1991-1998 only), color, transmission, etc, in the FAQ:

1. Click on FAQ in the red bar above that looks like this:


2. Click on General Info.

3. Click on Production Numbers

These numbers are for U.S. sales only.
Then really the 1 of 18 is kind of misleading. Those are 1 of 18 midnight pearl, manual with camel interior in 95 kind of numbers. :rolleyes:
for the production numbers, is there a actual number worldwide?