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Need help tracking down a midnight purple owner?

30 October 2007
Hi y’all been a long time since a log in, that said I’ve acquired a new project car with a checkered past that I’m trying to sort out.

I own a 1995 acura legend LS 6 speed coupe, yes I know it’s not a nsx, BUT someone painted it oem acura nsx midnight purple, when I say paint I mean full color change (engine bay, door jams, trunk etc).

So I’m reaching out to the community, in the weird/odd hopes the car was ordered new, and stripped and painted to match a midnight purple nsx. I know there’s less than 50? Midnight purple nsx’s, and most legend owners end up buying an nsx and many nsx owners had legends.

So my shot in the dark is, does anyone know of this legend or a version of the story I speak of? The car was in NY/NJ/FL it’s entire life, would be cool to see the history become more clear.

It could’ve been a custom job, could’ve been a rich baller who just wanted matching cars etc.

Thanks in advance!
Interesting story. Maybe a few of our Midnight Pearl owners will chime in.

We're all fans of the Legend here. :)
The Legend is why I bought an NSX in the first place 20 years ago. I had Porsches that were always a PIA - the light at the end of the tunnel was always the train coming at me. One day I looked over at my Legend and thought those guys make a sports car maybe I should try one.