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Is a car port enough?

22 May 2001
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
I'm looking to get a 91 or 92 NSX with low miles in great condition. I live in an apartment complex in an area with a very low crime rate and I rent a car port. I'm wondering if a car port along with a fitted cover will be enough to keep the car perfect. My first choice would certainly be to park the car in a locked garage but my only option there is to rent a garage a few miles away for $150/month. That seems too pricey though and I would probably never get a chance to drive it. The carport is fairly wide and the cars next to me are pretty decent. I certainly had no problem with parking my 99 BMW 323 there. I'm wondering if people think parking in a car port would be much of a risk.

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I parked my 91 outside in the TX sun for two years when I lived in an apartment complex. No problems. Eventually 'graduated' to a covered space for another two years. As long as the sun is not beating down into the interior, I would not worry about it. The $150 a month for the garage could be better spent on speed parts.
The $150 a month for the garage could be better spent on speed parts.

Or tires.
150 for a garage! Damn here you can rent a garage size storage shed for 50 a month!

I guess if it was me I'd go for the garage. Then you have peace of mind knowing your car will be safe, and noone can mess with it. But thats me.
I wouldn't have gotten my NSX if I didn't have a garage to park her in.

I have seen what the sun can do to the leather seats (in as recent as a 1997 NSX-T)...if you are going to park it in a car port, make sure you protect them as best as you can.

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I'm parking under a carport now and have been since last Sept. So far, she hasn't been scratched or dinged. The only bad incident was when an aggressive landscaper used his blower to clean the parking lot and got her extremely dusty. Ideally, you'd want to get a garage but we don't live in an ideal world, right? You should be alright though for the time being.

Funny thing is that my NSX purchase actually accelerated my plans and gave me more motivation to buy a house. When I first parked her underneath the carport I swore to myself I'd find a house w/ a 3 car garage and really baby her. Well, we move in next week . . .

Life is funny.
No flames please, but it's just a car people. I absolutely adore my NSX and am somewhat of a fanatic about keeping my car perfect. However, the first "incident" in it (someone decided to left turn in front of me), after the intitial grief, was the most liberating thing ever. After my bodyshop fixed it - better than it was when I bought it (no rock chips at all) - I realized that, no matter how important it is to me, it is a car that can be repaired and, worse case scenario, be replaced.

Don't deprive yourself of the utter joy of owning an NSX because of fears of what might happen to it. It's possible that it may get damaged, but it is certain that you will get a grin every day you drive it.
I've been parking nice cars under a carport for years now and have had no problems. The only thing I STRONGLY recommend is to always cover it overnight.
It's a very noticeable car and attracts attention. Covering it up keeps more unwanting eyes away from it and probably decreases chances of it being keyed or broken into.
I chose option "b":

I ONLY looked at condo's with an enclosed garage. This was true while renting and when I bought a condo. No garage? Not interested. Simple. Kevin