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Is air direction related to the CCU issue?

19 December 2004
Glastonbury, CT
I'm 99% positive I have a CCU issue. I have the air that only blows at max setting, etc. I spoke with Brian K and I'm going to send my unit in to him in a couple weeks.

Question: Does the CCU issue also have the symptom of air direction? I got caught in the CT storm tonight (probably the 4th time the car has seen rain) and I could not get the defroster to blow to the front wind shield. If I scroll through the air direction settings I also hear a door open and shut kind of loudly. Is this all related or do I have two problems?

I tried searching but didn't come up with a good title and found little.
Thank Brian. I wasn't sure if I was covered. I'll contact you prior to shipping out. Thanks for all your help.


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