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Is it Safe to buy from ebay

5 May 2022
I am just curious as to if anyone successfully bought from ebay before? If so, did you buy from a dealer or individual. What should you do to avoid getting scammed?
OK Thank you, what is the best practice when purchasing from an individual seller?

For example,
1)Pay with cashier's check
2) Seller give you car/title/keys
3) You register the sales with the state you are in

Is that the typical process?
1) One way to do it would be you and seller go to your bank and get a cashiers check for the amount. This will give the seller confidence that your cashier's check is real. If out of state you may need to get a bank account with a major national bank.
2) Then you both go to the DMV and do the title transfer and the seller takes the cashiers check. if it's out of your state then maybe skip the DMV and do whatever your state requires to transfer the title (signed title, bill of sale, any notarized requirements, etc).
3) Take possession of the car.

There is always some trust required so if something seems off then it probably is.
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My friend and I purchased a S2000 few years back on eBay without seeing it in person. We felt comfortable purchasing because we spoke with the seller/dealer (small dealer) directly over the phone multiple times. They addressed all of our questions and concerns, they also had over 100% seller feedback with over 150 feedbacks.

Seller feedback and communication is important.

Our bank wired the money to the seller. Car was parked at the airport Valet for us, all paperwork except title was present bc dealer had to transfer it to his name still. We took it to Secretary of State aka DMV. Painless process
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I've used this service and had a good experience: https://www.drivecaramel.com/

They are essentially an online car dealer that for $99 will buy the car from the seller and sell it to you for the same price. This allows them to escrow the money and guarantee the transaction to both parties as well as facilitate all the title/registration paperwork like a car dealer.