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Is storing the top in its holder for long time bad?

23 November 2001
Lancaster, PA USA
I keep my top off my NSX-T for weeks during the summer. Is it bad to keep it stored in its holder above the engine cover? It does get hot in there. Has anyone had heat damage to the top's pain, seals, or headliner?

I too have mine off for a long time. If you are concerned about the heat and such I would just leave it at home. However I have put mine on after driving and it didn't seem any hotter then the rest of the car. So I wouldn't imagine that storing it in there is not any worse then the heat it can get from sitting on your car on a hot summer day.
If you store it while you drive, and take it out when you stop, it is not hot at all.

However, if you drive, and park the car, lets say for lunch, then get the top out, it will be too hot to touch. I let mine in for a week at a time (and yes, I drive the car). I'm wondring if anyone has had damange from the heat.

I notice no problem with mine. I'm just making sure.
This may not address your immediate question but the only thing that we have noticed with perhaps repeated handling of the roof (on/off) is the potential wear that it causes on the clear weather strips at both edges of the roof line.

Alternatively, as another option, you can keep the top at home and use the Carbrella soft top for those occasioanl needs where you want it covered. HTH.