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Is the nsx-r gt the best?

3 May 2008
Quick question I am not an Acura NSX owner but I plan to be one one day. My name is Gabriel. I just graduated from college in December and soon hopefully when I get a better job, my dream car is a nsx because it is an everyday driveably super car/exotic. My question is which is the ultmate version of the nsx the nsx-r gt the most excluive and highest performing model of all the r models or even the s models?? What about the Alex Zanardi Edition NSX? The reason I am asking is if I buy a 97 + Nsx NA2 with the pop up head lights I like those models, and I want to make it into say a nsx-r gt is worth it to do that?

Whether it is worth it or not is up to you. Modifications don't usually return the cost of installation. If the mod brings you pleasure, you can afford it, and plan on keeping the car for several years, go for it.

The R GT isn't really the best. Not much is really known about the car. Only 5 where made so that Honda could meet the JGTC rules. I believe honda basicly put a aero package on type-r so they could use it in the JGTC series.

As far as parts available the Type-R parts would be the best oem parts. Zanardi is the best version performance wise that came to the USA.