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Is there a DIY for removing the door side mirrors?

9 June 2009
under a bridge
i've searched but couldn't find any diy guide with picture showing how to remove the mirrors. one thread mentioned removing inner door panel. I already have the door panel off. Does the window need to be roll down all the way? how do i access the screws holding the mirror onto the door?

any guide with picture would be great.

The bat alternative is a nice idea. Buttttttt, I prefer not to be that pissed off. ;)
Well, since I dont have my window switch atm, I cant do anything. Just have to wait for now.
your gonna need a long extention with 10mm to get up in there

and dont unplug the mirror intill you have your hands on it.

the plug will act like a saftey harness intill you grasp the mirror in your hand. LOL

dont ask why this is important LOL

hint: there is gravity on earth
Thanks Shawn. That make sense. I will give it a shot this weekend. Sounds easy. Extension and do not unplug til mirror is off. Got it!!
I found this while looking through the Wiki. Follow the download link for the 91-96 service manual (zip), and download it. Then extract the files to your computer, and open the file named "NS9196MAINIDX.pdf". Click on "Body", then "Mirrors, Removal (20-20)" and it will provide instructions on how to remove the mirror. Good luck!
^^^thanks for that. i was looking in the Wiki too but i didn't know which one to download. i downloaded one for body repair and it wasn't in there. this should make it easy.
Any pics of this work? Planning to do this myself. I have a set of mirrors and assemblies to install.