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It Looks I've bought a Gen. 2

Wow! Congratulations Mario! Can’t wait to see your new NSX in person ��
congrats...you actually have a rare color....the other red:wink:
I will eventually take the Gen 2 out on the track, just to see what I have gotten myself into LOL!

The NC1 is amazeballs on the track even with my hamfisted track driving, so I can’t imagine how much better it will be in your hands. I did an Acura-sponsored test drive a month ago, so I’m definitely a fan of the new car.

See you at XPO.
Thanks Henry! You are the first one of the SoCal family to discover that I just bought a Gen 2 NSX!

This purchase was not in my plans due to the high cost of the Gen 2 NSX’s and the fact that I already owned three other cars, including my highly modified 97 NSX! However, after seeing for quite a while the Gen 2 NSX’s on display at Car Week last week in Monterey, and my lament for my poor wife, who found out just as she had retired from work that she had Alzheimer’s, caused me to revaluate my life priorities. I don’t believe in reincarnation, which may allow me to by a Gen 2 in my next life, and I don’t want fait to to prevent me from purchasing a Gen 2 in this life.

So, I started looking at Autotrader and other online auto sales sites to see what Gen 2’s were for sale and what was the range in sales price of used Gen 2 NSX’s, I found that there were a whole lot of them for sale. I also learned thst most of them were still carrying a hefty price tag, i.e., $150,000 to $200,000! However, there were three Curva Red Gen 2’s being advertised with a sales price between $105,000 and $140,000, which is still above my budget limitation, but doable if I could extend the loan term and dip into some of my retirement funds.

I felt that the one listed at $105,000 was fishy, so I only sent an email inquiry, but as I suspected, I never received a response. So, I then started inquiring into the other two Gen 2 NSX’s. When speaking to the sellers, they told me that there was a lot interest in their car. I thought to myself that I have experienced that ploy before. However, I then recalled how many times I was left a bridesmaid when searching for my first NSX. So, I felt I had to move quickly, so I started with the Gen 2 NSX located in Charlotte, NC, since one of my stepsons lives there. I had my stepson check the car out, just to make sure it was for real. And when he told me the car was like new, it only had 800 miles on the clock, I made an offer to the seller at his asking price (I did not want to turn him off since that car was already a very good deal). He accepted my offer to buy his car.

My only concern then was qualifing for a loan, which I put into the works with PenFed a few days earlier. As I had indicated above, I was concerned that being retired, that I would not have enough income to qualify for the loan, but obviously I did and that’s the end of my story LOL!
UPDATE: There will be a 3 or 4 day delay in taking possession of the car. Although the loan check has been issued by my lender and sent to the seller. My cash contribution to make up the difference of the car's selling price is taking longer than expected. I'm using some funds from my retirement IRA's and as a result the funds are not liquid like funds in a checking account. I takes 4 to 7 days for a specific number of shares of stock must be sold to raise the amount funds I have requested to be transferred to my checking account, which will then be transferred to the sellers checking account. However, this delay is fine with me in that it provides more time for the storms and flooding to abate at those portions of the country that are along I-40, my route home.

I'll keep every posted on my progress, including posting a few photos and videos of my drive.
Congrats Mario. Hope the gen 1 build is going well too.
Thank you,

The motor for the 97 is going back in by tomorrow or early next week and then off for tuning on the 15th, and should be ready for NSXPO. I've got a lot going on right now with respect to my cars. The 97 NSX has been in the shop for about a month, maybe a little more, my 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider is currently getting head and valve work performed, and it will be ready in a couple of weeks. And, last but not least, I'm flying back to Charlotte to pick up my NC1 next week Thursday or Friday, and then drive her home to Sierra Madre by the 21st. On the 22nd and 23rd, I'm participating in a overnight drive to King's Canyon National Park and on the 25th I'll be driving to Thunderhill for NSXPO. Now that's keeping busy!
Thank you,

the 97 will be ready well before NSXPO. If for some the 97 is not ready, I now have the good fortune to be able fall back on the GEN 2 LOL

Always glad to increase the Gen 2 team here.

Looking forward to a picture of your puppy out for a ride with you in it.

Thanks Bricks, I'm really looking forward owning a NC1, I only experienced what I consider a taste as to performance capabilities of this unbelievable car! I'm flying to Charlotte on Sunday and driving the car back to Sierra Madre (a suburb of Los Angeles). I
ll posy pics of my travels!
Thanks Bricks, I'm really looking forward owning a NC1, I only experienced what I consider a taste as to performance capabilities of this unbelievable car! I'm flying to Charlotte on Sunday and driving the car back to Sierra Madre (a suburb of Los Angeles). I
ll posy pics of my travels!

Congratulations! Have a great trip!
Congrats on ownership! Watch out for hurricane Florence.

Does it feel like the time you purchased your gen1 all over again? Lol
I just took possession a few minutes ago. I’m parked in a mall here in Charlotte trying to pair my cell phone. Yes, I’m leaving town early tomorrow morning before Florence get this far inland!

Anyhow, safe travels!

Thank you!

I don’t know why, but I was more excited when I bought my first NSX, a 95 Red/Tan, and I was really more excited when I bought my current 97 Yellow/Black. I think, I need to pinch myself to wake up and realize that actually own an NC1 and what an unbelievable car the NC1 really is. I’m sure it will hit me soon!
Huge congratulations Mario!

I saw your other post regarding being added as a new owner and said, "Mario got a 2nd gen NSX, that is awesome !" :eek:
You definitely deserve it. Sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis.

Definitely post pictures when you have a chance :biggrin:
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