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its been fun.....

14 July 2001
Fellow NSXers;

Soon my 97 NSX-T will be sold, I very much enjoyed my time here in the Dallas and Seattle areas, as well as the many NSX’ers I have met across the country. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to get to know as many of you as I would have liked. I wish all of you the best of luck in these trying times. Who knows, maybe you will see me back on the list in 200? with a next gen NSX.

Best of luck to everyone.

Chris Anders
ex92 NSX
soon to be ex97 NSX-T
Why are you getting rid of your NSX? What are you looking at getting instead?

NetViper -= 100% Stock EBP 2000 Civic Si =- Still looking to get an NSX, but at least I can live life at 8,000 RPM!
I'm sure we'll see you soon...

PS -- Nice outfit, pal !!

Manuel C
93 NSX S/B #394
93 300CE
93 NH750
I wish you the very best Chris. I hope to see you back here with your shiny pink 2002 all comptech'd up with a body kit, gold dayton wire rim wheels, shaggy white seat covers, and custom interior x-mas lights or something (just an idea)