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It's here 05 Red/Blk

2 January 2005
Daphne AL
My new toy finally got here. The driver showed up at my house at about 12:30 today with my new NSX. I parked it next to my 95 and compared them for about an hour. You know they're both beautiful. I like the external headlights on the new one and the interior trim is a little sharper. I drove it for about a mile just around the block but it does feel a little different. Not sure how yet but somehow different. I wasn't able to get on it much but it doesn't feel as fast as my 95. I'm sure that's really not true it may be the sound. I have a magnaflow cat back on my 95 and the 05 is stock. I plan to put some kind of exhaust on it. That should help with both the sound and performance. Any recommendations.
I got to go stare at it now so I'll send pictures later.
Congrats on the new ride !!!
I'm debating on whether to keep mine, talk more serious about getting your 95 or sell mine and getting a different one I have my eye one.:cool:
02-05 Red/Black is one of my favorites, just ditched my red/tan 05:frown:
By all means the smart thing to do is buy mine. LOL
No really if your interested It really is nice and i'll make you a good deal. I dont need two.
CONGRATS!!! How many miles?