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Science of Speed Red car cover

16 May 2023
At the end of April, before my 95 was delivered, I bought a red SOS satin car cover, https://www.scienceofspeed.com/inde...retch-indoor-car-cover-black-nsx-1991-05.html

Low and behold, once my 95 came, it had the OEM cover with it.

I've never used the SOS cover. It's new in the box. I paid $300 something.

Best case scenario is someone wants to trade this cover for one that will fit my 2017 since I don't have one for that lady yet. Or, I can ship this one to you if you make a fair offer.

Or, if someone has a contact at SOS where I can see about trading them, that would be great too.
It sounds like SOS is taking it back on trade for one for my 2017. I'll update this if that doesn't pan out. Thanks Hass and MynsxK