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It's official:June 22, 08 NSX-STOCK!

Can you share more details please?

It's now official: We will be hosting our annual NSX meet/event on June 22, 08. Its on a Sunday and is the largest NSX event in the Northeast. Last year we had 60 cars Like past years, the event will be sponsored by some of our vendors, include a car show, meet and greet and plenty of good driving. We wll conclude the festivities with a nice dinner and give out some awards/free prizes.

This year's event will be a two day event. June 21; saturday night, I will be arranging a dinner. I offered this last year but no one was interested. If anyone wants, the Hyatt in New Brunswick, NJ will be available for lodging and dinner will be within walking distance.

Any questions, suggestions, please call, email, or PM me. I will need help/volunteers to help planning a route and some other activities.

Michael Lasko
Sales Manager-Bridgewater Acura
1231 Route 22 West
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Looks like we will be re-running a old cruise route down to the beach, and having lunch at Edgar's Pub. The route was originally planned by "Wasenda" and is a nice run. We'll be meeting at Bridgewater Acura at 8:30-9:00 am, hang for a bit, cruise to the shore, hopefully arrive around 11 am to the pub, eat, relax till about 1pm and head home.

After the meet, there will be a huge Import Car Show at Fuddrucker's next door to my dealership. It's co-sponsered by The Speed Lounge and is going to be huge. NSX's will have special parking, T-Shirts courtesy of Bridgewater Acura and it's going to be a great time.

Any questions, call, email or PM.

I wish I had time to create a new route or do something else, but I have been so busy these last few months. Between work, the Zanardi, the family, selling the S2000 and a summer social life, I have had virtually no time to do anything. Regardless, it will be an awesome time

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