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It's official: the NSX is an exotic

Hey, if Microsoft says so, it's gotta be true

He owns everything else...Smartmoney did a very interesting article (before the Bungie purchase) on this subject entitled: Move Over Neukom. Here Comes Bill, CSA. The article revolves around NGWS or the Next Generation Windows Services strategy and how Bill plans to move Windows beyond the desktop.

Below is a list of companies that Microsoft has invested in and or purchased outright in one single year. The date of acquisition and or investment is noted next to the company name. The list reflects only the last year, since our servers do not have enough storage space to include the full list of Microsoft investments and acquisitions.

* Driveoff.com 6/12/00 (acquired)* MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems 3/14/00 * USWeb/CKS 9/28/99 (became marchFirst) * RealNames 3/14/00 * Keen.com 1/11/00* Akamai Technologies 9/27/99 * Avanade 3/13/00 * OnSite Access 6/6/00 * Softway Systems 9/17/99 (acquired) * Corio 1/11/00 * SRS Labs 3/10/00> * CommVault Systems 5/18/00 * Visio 9/15/99 (acquired) * Commtouch 12/29/99 * Radiant Systems 3/1/00 * Asia Global Crossing 9/8/99 * 2nd Century Communications 5/16/00 * DiscoverMusic.com 12/23/99 * Peach Networks 2/29/00 (acquired) * United Global Communications 9/7/99 * Seachange International 5/9/00 * MyPlant.com 2/24/00 * Loudeye Technologies 12/22/99 * E-Stamp 8/18/99 * VenturCom 5/8/00 * Broadband Office 2/23/00 * Encoding.com 12/21/99 * Globo Cabo 8/17/99 * FirstWorld Communications 2/16/00 * The Lightspan Partnership 8/16/99 * Plural 5/3/00 * Intervu 12/20/99 (acquired by Akamai) * Gilat Satellite Networks 2/16/00 * BET.com 8/12/99 * CAIS Internet 5/3/00 * Jato Communications 2/10/00 * Best Buy 12/16/99 * DSL.net 8/10/99 * e-Media 5/1/00 * Winstar Communications 12/15/99 * Itran Communications 2/09/00 * STNC 7/21/99 (acquired) * iSyndicate 4/27/00 * Equinix 12/2/99 * CSI 2/9/00 * Rogers Communications 7/12/99 * ContentGuard 4/27/00 * Reciprocal 12/1/99 * Interland1/27/00 * Zoomit 7/7/99 (acquired) * Divine interVentures 4/24/00 * CompUSA 1/24/00 * GigaMedia 11/12/99 * Sendit 7/1/99 (acquired) * Titus Communications 4/10/00 * Intertainer 1/24/00 * RadioShack 11/11/99 * Digital Entertainment Network 6/30/99 (defunct) * Evoke 3/30/00 * Verticalnet 1/20/00 * Data Return 11/2/99 * Concentric Network 6/22/99 * CenterBeam 1/19/00 * Contentville.com 3/29/00 * Omnibrowse 6/14/99 (acquired) * Entropic 10/29/99 (acquired) * Yam Digital Technology 1/12/00 * Inprise 6/8/99 * NextVenue 3/20/00 * Vadem 10/28/99 * Digex 1/12/00 * ShadowFactor 6/7/99 (acquired) * HomeAdvisor Technologies 3/16/00 * Telmex 10/18/99 * Interliant 3/15/00 * Wink Communications 6/4/99 * iBeam Broadcasting 10/14/99

The Justice Department may be totally off base, by looking at Microsoft as potentially just two companies "an Operating System company and an Applications company." They are intertwined in every aspect of today's economy.

The NGWS strategy will most likely not be successful. But with the investments that Microsoft has made over the years, the Justice Department may now only be holding the tiger by the tail.

Whatever ruling the Government or the Supreme Court wishes to impose on Microsoft, will do nothing but scathe the software giant. Many on-lookers are concerned as to what sanctions will be imposed upon Microsoft. What we really should be concerned with is, what sanctions will Microsoft impose upon us.
I remember from his book, 'Hard Drive', Gates discussed his first nice car. It was a green early to mid-seventies Porsche 911 (don't recall the year). I'm guessing he's acquired a couple additional cars since the early eighties.
Definitely not!!! Nothing can be exotic if seen more often than Toyotas. I play a game everyday on the way to work..... If, in my 11 miles ride, I can count over 15 C5/Z06 Corvettes, then superstitiously, I will have a good day. Haven't missed in over 3 years since I started.
Man, I'm mental and I HATE those f-ing vettes and the 18-25 yr. old drivers that always seem to be in them.

Common, giant pieces of plastic...
If they made about 90% less of them , I would probably like them. And if there were as many NSXs, I probably would hate them too.. argh, did I say that out loud?
Originally posted by Nsxotic:
...and if there were as many NSXs, I probably would hate them too.. argh, did I say that out loud?

Yes you did, but we will let it go just this once.

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Originally posted by nsxtasy:
...and the Corvette Z06 isn't.

Yes and a Jaguar is??? I would have agreed maybe a few years ago but now I can rent one at Hertz... not too exotic to me. In fact I can't believe the number of Jags I see around

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Originally posted by NetViper:

It says that Bill Gates does own or at least did own an NSX.

I believe the correct answer is he did but sold it about 2+ years ago. I suspect there's someone on this board who knows the real answer....

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Originally posted by gheba_nsx:
you cannot leave us in the doubt: out the name!

Well let's put it this way.... who posted what celeb's have NSXs? How would they know this? Who tracks vin#s? Who's been involved with the NSX since day one? Who knows just about everything there is to know about the NSX?

The way I figure it they must know the answer to the Gates question.
I don't know the answer.

I didn't even know that Gates owned one. I thought Paul Allen was the NSX enthusiast in his circle. And Larry Ellison, of course.
Hey I agree the run-of-the-mill Jag you see on the street is nuthin' special . . HOWEVER at Dennis Rodmans nite club here in newport beach there is a guy who has a '95 XJ220 , THAT is an exotic car. Its like $500,000 , V6 twin turbo 650HP or something, so there are more exotics than on the list I think.
Originally posted by nsxtasy:
I don't know the answer.

I didn't even know that Gates owned one. I thought Paul Allen was the NSX enthusiast in his circle. And Larry Ellison, of course.

I was told second hand by someone in the car business located Bellevue, WA that Bill "had" a black on black SportShift. About 2+ years ago it was traded in on a Lexus. I was also told Bill still drives the Lexus today. I haven't verified whether any of this is true or not. But I suspect that whomever posted information claiming that Bill had an NSX verified this information.